With Chi, her cat on my lap — Part II: An interview-essay by Emilie Collyer in conversation with Chi Vu



Chi Vu is a writer and director whose works span genres such as the postcolonial gothic, horror, magic-realism and comedy. Her plays include Coloured AliensVietnam: a Psychic GuideThe Dead Twin and A Story of Soil. Her prose works have appeared in various publications, and her novella Anguli Ma: a Gothic Tale was shortlisted in the NSW Premier’s Literary Awards. She teaches creative writing in Geelong (Victoria). Twitter: @chivuwriting

Emilie Collyer is a poet, playwright and researcher. Her most recent book is Do you have anything less domestic? (Vagabond Press 2022). She lives in Australia on unceded Wurundjeri Country. Twitter: @EmilieCollyer

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