Arachnid Selfportrait /8 — Louis Armand

there’s no delirium that doesn’t pass through the Arachnoid’s web — Orphic fingers strumming air — subtle as retaliatory exorcisms — something headless dumped on a beach veiled in salt haze — the waves’ hiss — seahair — driftnet — all this to produce an occasion for poetry’s corpse to be undressed — as beatific as a sonar=buoy unravelled from its chain — as poxed as a plastic mannequin — its vibrations have all retreated are all now hidden — in chiliastic serenity — as each day the ingenious plan disintegrates into dusk — blackout semaphores — we must know how to bide time — blindly tracing back to the purpose as first set down — the sea=anchor — the lighthouse rock — some buried inhibition wherever you care to look — like pirates’ treasure — or a war cemetery exxing=out the scenery — from a vantage the whole thing appears fatally overwritten — mimicking the inner lives of those awaiting messages from other planets on the bare mountainslopes of loneliness & despair — Apollonian stylites — agents of inanimate revenge — a shist of cast first stones marks the descent — from High Atlas to shrugged saltflat — from pabulum vitae to mangrove fume — the same crumbling=away — the same black blood — they’ve destroyed the instruments — the beacons — sequestered data — liquidated assets — nature abhors a pacifist — & still the inexplicable S.O.S. traced across the sand — marine annelid mating ritual? — or alien subterfuge? — to snare some unsuspecting kosmonaut’s DNA — tethered to the sky on a beating umbilicus — like the hanged womxn in the schoolyard tree — swaying against the window — the cobwebbed face — many opportunities for psychological evaluation — dreaming of the 12 years solitary confinement of Oscar López Rivera — sedition is a state of mind stubbornly persistent — ah look! — the idiots lined up w/ brains glistening in the sun to sing for their slop the tyrant’s old sweat song — the child stares out from the classroom at a bright sunshiny day — when asked why they wrote poetry the Arachnoid replied KILL PAPA FUCK MAMA — the same reason as everyone else — there was no point denying the facts as presented to the court the question was what the cld be shown to mean — the film of their life for example cld’ve been a single word already erased — spoken unspoken whiteframe blackframe — the non=image flickers & something crawls out from the cracks — memory touches broken glass — becomes the inevitability of whatever happens by virtue of appearing — woven as if out of thin air like a magician’s hat=trick — how many eyes does it take not to be blind? — a recurring dream sliced to pieces by a mirror — they’ve begun seeing things incessantly — a crime’s committed every time you open yr eyes & even when you don’t — their idea of society is populated solely by victims of psychoanalysis — the parrot may speak but is nothing more than a birdthe humxn may speak but is nothing more than an ape — just another piece of franchise — let breathe only during ad=breaks — an iron lung behind a black mirror — brainstem in nucleic acid — talking in their sleep inside a Jodorowsky mindray machine — outerspace you ever been there? — neon signboard says G.O.D. IS COMING! [wear a raincoat] — flatfooted through Egypt — humourless fossilitic miles — shrunken heads & burnt effigies — gravity’s incurve forces the issue — always blood on someone else’s hands whenever not drinking it — the orificial blood — lying on the sand w/ their cunts bitten in half — as from these barren wastes the magic Tannenbaum does bloom a little Christ — such public inducements of shame as the age demands — where’s the tragedy worth regretting? — at the end of the subject’s mind they picture a child always being beaten — the Arachnoid laughs — FEAR IS EROTIC COMPLIANCE — in their dreams they’re nothing but a stomach w/ 8 legs — the legs come alive like pallbearers to dispose of the body in a hole — the hole is bottomless & as the Arachnoid falls their guts unravel like a ball of twine — soon there’ll be nothing left — the bodyheat of something comatose dangling on a thread — they say when you fall in dreams if you touch the ground y’re dead — “X marks the spot” cld mean a target taped across a windowpane — or variable adrift in a floating glass ceiling — or a fly circling around itself on a movie screen — a doublehelix of blue smoke in the projector’s beam — a 40ft Charlotte Rampling sings I’ve been gone so long — angelhearted because w/ congenital sin — [place unknown to us from which the forfeited soul speaks] — EGO TE ABSOLVO [sehr komisch!] — the little geist inside the photo gadget waiving its middle finger under yr nose as if expecting a reward for the effort — as one who emerges from the depths of modernist antiquity w/ a hard clit & symbols & keywords — G.O.D.’s voiceover speaks of thus being seduced & cruelly subjugated hahaha — of the emotional torments that hold sway over the path of nonknowledge hahaha — of the debasing acts of uncreation hahaha — whose was the first hand to undress the child=mind in that darkened front room? — when they take hold of the penis it’s their mama they want to possess on her goodbehaviour leash — “acting comes first & then making occurs” — born from what we’re unable to tell — but not all spiders are caterpillar graphs nor are all spiders lobster graphs — the spidering movements of the hand reiterate the pathways — they come & go where the hand must pass — heaping the dead things into little piles of meaning — shells & eyestalks & gossamer wings — tacits & taciturns — des actes préparatoires — organised according to their degree of cynicism — [it is the obstacle that defi[l/n]es the terrain] — pathos erects a turnstile — or the seed of every funeral sewn upon the stage ripens into a colosseum alive w/ pure psychodrama — carved cherubs frolicking in a sunny stream — riflebutt to neck — “swim motherfucker!” — the Olimpiastadion roars — ay mi madre! — swandiving into an empty swimmingpool — la cueca sola — oh how the Pacific Ocean gleams! — oh the helicopters dancing upon the turbulence! — oh the narrow rays of skylight endlessly deep! — the fact remains that coincidence isn’t as obvious as you think — it requires for example reems of forced confession & blunt trauma — woven between webs of intrigue & an overly=elaborate system of disappearances — every time a photo turns up in the wrong place — such as of a political psychopath w/ a plastic bag over their head — knowing their exists a place from which such things return — how like a mouth w/ all its teeth knocked out you still catch yrself reaching for to kiss — there’s a hole in the void where only tenderness can live — locked in a cell at the bottom of the sea long after the last tide succumbs to its lunacy — seasons in abeyance — this weightless régime of nothing more — standing on a shore from which everything has already been tacitly revealed — a body decomposed from randomness into a missing thing — consumed by “history” [never ours] — their torture methods because possessed by demons older than humxn DNA — what cld possible endure? — raised to a level of selfsufficiency — somewhere an iguana on a rock mimes the cliché of the rebellious artist in heroic postures of the late=Anthropocene — “like” a mirror held up to a refusal to reflect — but does extinction interpret the world more than it changes it? — a word is a powerful machine giving life to contradiction — pick a utopia any utopia — if it makes a profit Adam Smith will shine yr shoes — which is just another way of saying you can put ketchup on anything even dollars — there’s a kind of person who attaches no conditions to survival — yet how can they expect G.O.D. to know what it’s like to go hungry? — judgement only requires a talent for not implicating yrself — like a city w/ all the streetsigns removed — to seek direction invites derision — the enemy alien siegheiling through the window — the fraternal loverboy astride his tank — their rendezvous under the clocktower went off with aplomb — immortalised in mass=extermination haiku — but a poet’s always the last to know that history has more alibis than entries in a dictionary — see how the inconstant adjective bleeds? — their struggle was never as great as the civilising mission of the global nuclear arsenal — but if poetry lies about its agonies this is because having retched the Earth into being it fears redundancy — a swansong lipsynced by an albatross — gravity too plays its part — our enemies can’t make heads or tails of this “floating doll ceremony” — let only those who dwell in relativity insist — COSPLAY OCTOPUS ENTROPIC BRAIN PRINCIPLE — i.e. reductions in complexity when consciousness is lost — thus the frame of the advent immanently forces as the form of the event immaculately forecloses — the perfect crime wasn’t to invent the police but the idea of freedom within the law — phantoms in the waxworks museum — shadows seethe beneath a lamp it’s impossible to read by — Plato’s cave but Homer was blind — who among the dutiful annotators wld uncover the shameful secret of the fly in the Spider House in the Jardin des Plantes? — life itself farces the issue — miming the progressive disappearance of everything on Earth — & still believing death comes all at once? — there are timeframes in which eternity sings if only for an instant — for example now

September – November 2021

Louis Armand is the author of THE COMBINATIONS (2016), THE GARDEN (2020) & VAMPYR (2021). He lives in Prague & Beja.