Driftworks: Foam — words by Ansgar Allen, sound by Emile Bojesen

Spaces between fences and wire irradiated by sun, the sign of a break, each tide of man bringing in something worse to lay upon the mark of distended appetites and cyanide, licking the foam of the last frenzy that was lived before the spaces opened up again, between walls and bridges, for the wandering to start before the wandering stopped, and the spaces closed in for a spell, the foyer empty, and the hangar too, its chains drawn out to sea and down and away to those places where feet still sit in concrete, a sign of the times they set out to conquer, or simply survive, against evil, our own, theirs too, the sponge is a creature that lives in calm waters, she said, and besides, heightened emotion will ruin the mood.

Ansgar Allen is the author of several books, including two novellas, Wretch (Schism) and The Sick List (Boiler House Press, forthcoming).

Emile Bojesen is a musician and sound artist and the author of Forms of Education, his most recent musical release is Scrape on LINE.

Image courtesy of Ansgar Allen & Emile Bojesen.