Driftworks: Cordite — words by Ansgar Allen, sound by Emile Bojesen

Tracer fire makes no distance along lines of plastic, held tight around each knuckle, and placed, in anchorage, by the pyramid.

Do not judge them by what they breed, it reads, but by what they eat, and what eats by what it rejects.

A drip, and code, of refracted air between people who forget, and remember, how much it costs to hold themselves in wire and ego, or ego skins, skins that mark the extent of the ego, to peel before light and cordite.

Ansgar Allen is the author of several books, including two novellas, Wretch (Schism) and The Sick List (Boiler House Press, forthcoming).

Emile Bojesen is a musician and sound artist and the author of Forms of Education, his most recent musical release is Scrape on LINE.

Image courtesy of Ansgar Allen & Emile Bojesen.