The Quarantine Hotline #17 — Eliza Clark

For the seventeenth episode of The Quarantine Hotline Fernando Sdrigotti talks to Eliza Clark, originally from Newcastle, now living in London, UK. 

Tune in to hear them discuss her debut novel Boy Parts, diversity and class in publishing, the North versus South divide in the British literary scene, and the scourge of literal readers, among other things.

Eliza Clark has relocated from her native Newcastle back to London, where she previously attended Chelsea College of Art. She hosts podcast You Just Don’t Get It, Do You? with her partner. Boy Parts — published by Influx Press — is her first novel.

Fernando Sdrigotti is one of the members of the Minor Literature[s] cargo cult. His latest book is JOLTS. Twitter: @f_sd

Music: opening credits, Aerosilla, Charlie Egg; closing tune, Decilo, Martín Arias. Both songs licensed under Creative Commons and available from PXVA 2020, a compilation of music from Rosario, Argentina, by arts collective and label Planeta X.