The Quarantine Hotline #9 — Youssef Rakha

An interview series in which we beat the lockdown blues reaching out to friends for a nice and informal telephone chat. In our ninth episode, Fernando Sdrigotti talks to Youssef Rakha, from Cairo, Egypt.

Some of the topics discussed: Cairo the Myth versus Cairo as a lived city, self-exiles and returns, writing and not writing during the lockdown.


Youssef Rakha is a bilingual writer of fiction, poetry and non-fiction. Based in Cairo, his birthplace, he graduated from Hull University, England, in 1998. He has worked in mostly English-language journalism since then. @Sultans_Seal

Fernando Sdrigotti is one of the members of the Minor Literature[s] cargo cult. His latest book is JOLTS. Twitter: @f_sd

Music: können, Audiodélica, Creative Commons.