marsh-river-raft-feather — Clarissa Álvarez and Petero Kalulé

This is writing from marsh-river-raft-feather, an experiment in collaborative ‘river-reading’ by Clarissa Álvarez and Petero Kalulé (@gogonolek).

[Excerpt from marsh-river-raft-feather — OPENS PDF]

marsh-river-raft-feather is a forthcoming title with Guillemot Press.

Petero Kalulé (@nkoyenkoyenkoye) is a composer, poet, and multi-instrumentalist. Their first collection of poems Kalimba was published by Guillemot Press in May 2019.

Clarissa Álvarez is a poet and storyteller who belongs to the Río Bravo. They are currently writing about transborder indigenous experiences and practices along the rivered (border)land.