The Quarantine Hotline #5 — Miggy Angel

A new interview series in which we beat the lockdown blues reaching out to friends for a nice and informal telephone chat. In our third episode, Fernando Sdrigotti talks to Miggy Angel, who is currently in lockdown in Nottingham, UK.

Some of the topics discussed: poetry as an activist weapon, working class culture, the gentrification of South London, and his latest books Boy Bestiary (IceFloe Press) and Hour of the Dog (Saló Press).

Miggy Angel is a spoken word artist and poet. Originally from South London he now lives and works in Nottingham. He is the author of Extreme Violets, Grime Kerbstone Psalms, Boy Bestiary, and The Hour of the Dog, among other titles. Twitter: @miggyangelpoet.

Fernando Sdrigotti edits Minor Literature[s]. His latest book is JOLTS. Twitter: @f_sd

Music: Anagrama, by Esteban Porronett, Creative Commons, edited by Planeta X. Download here.