The Quarantine Hotline #1 — Scott Manley Hadley

A  new interview series in which we beat the lockdown blues reaching out to friends for a nice and informal telephone chat. In this first, Fernando Sdrigotti talks to Scott Manley Hadley, who is currently in lockdown in Toronto, Canada.

Some of the topics discussed: poetry, pooetry, conspiracy theorists, James Joyce, revolution, hopes and fears for the future, and many other things. There were some technical glitches (apparently Canadian broadband is quite bad), but no need to worry about this kind of right thing now, right?

Scott Manley Hadley blogs at and tweets at @Scott_Hadley. His latest book is flat-earth poetry collection Because Earth is Flat, co-written with Sean Preston.

Fernando Sdrigotti edits Minor Literature[s]. His latest book is JOLTS. Twitter: @f_sd