Over, In, and Under by Emma Bolland — Emma Holdaway

Let’s start from the end.
(that seems logical, doesn’t it?)
Manus, manualis, manual.
These words are not the same things
but I’ll forgive their progression because
it just about makes a stinging, awful type of sense.
What might I do to you on a side of A4?
Kill me entirely, perhaps.
I wouldn’t be surprised in the
slightest by anything now. Shocked,
But not surprised.
(I am often murderous, when I write.)
I feel you.


Emma Bolland is an artist, writer, and occasional musician, who works with moving image, performance, expanded translation, screenwriting, and experimental literatures. Over, In, and Under is published by Dostoyevsky Wannabe. @emmaZbolland

Emma Holdaway is an English graduate and writer, with a particular interest in typography. She is most commonly found pretending to be other people. @emnatashamiles