Other Rooms by Matthew Turner — Emma Miles

I, we… whatever,

That’s going to be the theme here.
That’s going to be how it all starts,
and this will also be how it ends.

Because this piece invites me in as me; not a facsimile, but entirely me.

The stories may seem clearly distinct from
one another, but in places, their varying
constellations might start to overlap, before
shifting, deferring and refracting once again.


Matthew Turner studied at The Bartlett School of Architecture, UCL where he graduated with distinction in thesis and design as well as winning The Bartlett School of Architecture writing prize. He currently teaches at Chelsea College of Arts while also writing about art and literature for various publications. Other Rooms is published by Hesterglock.

Emma Miles is an English graduate and writer, with a particular interest in typography. She is most commonly found pretending to be other people. @emnatashamiles