Poems by Nadia de Vries

Small pieces of glass – each and every writing from Nadia de Vries gets stuck under your skin, like a splinter, and then wrestles its way out. They are sharp, and hard, and then soft, and then surprising. Absolutely go off and enjoy them. – poetry ed.

Bruise Unit

Is a Scarlet a baby scar?
My bomb body tortures the bath.
Don’t buy a memory foam mattress
unless you are sadistic
and hate yourself.

Interview with a Vampire

Does the sight of blood repel you?
Yes, and I regret that.
Yes, and I do not regret that.
No, and I regret that.
No, and I do not regret that.

Nadia de Vries is the author of Dark Hour (Dostoyevsky Wannabe, 2018). She lives in Amsterdam, the Netherlands.