Void Voices by James Knight — Emma Miles

Then I woke up                                                                               I don’t want to wake up
Right in the middle of a horrible dream                                    Because the nightmare was anything but.

I have never encountered anything
I’ve wanted so badly to drown in
Until this moment, until I
Delved into this.


James Knight is a writer and digital artist, whose work most recently has appeared in Minor Literature(s) and Burning House Press. He has collaborated with numerous artists, including Susan Omand, Viviana Hinojosa and Maxim Peter Griffin. Diana Probst illustrated his poem, The Madness of the Bird King, described by cyberpunk author Jeff Noon as “a brilliant piece of work”. Knight is one of the original members of Noon’s Twitter group, @echovirus12, and has used Twitter as a creative tool for years, founding the collective Twitter entity @chimeragroup0, whose mission statement summarises his approach to writing and art: “Children make pictures, poems and stories playfully, adventurously, unconstrained by considerations of realism, theory or convention. So do we.” There’s much more on James’s website here.

Emma Miles is an English graduate and writer, with a particular interest in typography. She is most commonly found pretending to be other people. @emnatashamiles

Image: Lewes Bonfire Night 2007, Dominic Alves, Creative Commons