Cutting the Green Ribbon by Katy Wareham Morris — Emma Miles

Pleased it was easy                                                                                                                                                                  and polite

One thing this is not: easy
and polite

I read this like a kid in a candy store
Picking out different sweeties
Tasting one by one
Like she
savoured the taste


Katy Wareham Morris is a writer and lecturer in media and culture based in the West Midlands, UK. She has a particular interest in gender and queer studies, identity politics and digital humanities. Alongside her poetry, she is currently working on her PhD research in literary gaming, play and post-queer politics. Katy’s debut poetry collection, Cutting the Green Ribbon was published by Bristol-based, experimental publisher Hesterglock in May 2018. Katy was a founding member of the Women’s Equality Party and established the Birmingham branch. @katy_wm

Emma Miles is an English graduate and writer, with a particular interest in typography. She is most commonly found pretending to be other people. @emnatashamiles