Takeaway by Tommy Hazard — James Knight

The book is small and unassuming. You could slip it into the back pocket of your jeans. The cover is red. Red looks like stop and danger and alert and proceed with caution. The book’s title is given in the top right corner of the front cover: Takeaway. We all like a takeaway. You can take an ersatz culinary tour of the world through takeaways: Indian one night, Chinese the next, then Thai, etc. Takeaway promises to take the reader away somewhere. The lower portion of the front cover contains a line drawing of an ambulance with the back doors open and a stretcher (unoccupied or perhaps laden with a body bag; probably the former) awaiting deployment. The passenger door is open too. There is no sign of the ambulance driver or paramedic or patient. The takeaway will presumably be the patient. The patient will be collected and taken away. There is a dim suggestion of cannibalism in all this.


Tommy Hazard does not exist.

James Knight is a writer and digital artist whose work explores the conjunctions and disjunctions between words and pictures. Twitter: @badbadpoet. Website: thebirdking.com.