Bentley 2 — R. Bremner

I’m lucky now to be walking out of stride with a talisman to the dark decks of an afterlife.
The wooded water of my sweet lord lives wild but feels right in a city of angels. The very best
offertory goes online from Kinshasa to the moon but doesn’t stop its bad decisions
because of the warpaint in sleepless tiny cities. On your anniversary, you say a prayer for
your grinding Saturday love of a blind operator named Hercules with big knuckles. Natalia
will be joining us tonight at the Santa Monica pier for a free block party and a banquet of
the river in me. I’ll bring a fever and a blue bucket of gold, you bring all I need, which is
pins and needles from Avalon

R. Bremner has a long history of publication (International Poetry Review, Poets Online, Quarterday, etc.) of various styles including formal, Beat, and surrealism. He now has ascended into absurdism, the only poetry that makes sense to him in an absurd world.