Blink of a Binukot — Mary Alinney Villacastin

* A past lifetime play on pause, flutter/film-ed lucid-in-the-sky fictional flashback:
a hidden princess cage-cracks coded mirror/me—>error>>


Mary Alinney Villacastin is a Filipina-American cosmonaut swimming space-time sideways through decolonized dreams. A graduate of anthropology from Barnard College and endlessly enrolled student of Earth, she experiments with auto-ethnographic records on the road ( Last based in Oaxaca, Mexico and South Florida (instagram@swamp_sea_suburbia), she is currently traveling, re-writing virtual versions of various voyages, composing past origins in present future tense. Her hybrid poetry may be found in Local NomadAlien Mouth Journal, Epigraph Magazine and Rambutan Literary.

Image植物 7D 2014-05-25 053, Fungoal, Creative Commons