The Notebook — Rachael de Moravia

The Notebook offers us a rare insight into culture and literature at the turn of the second millennium in the Age of Deference (AD). However, the discovery of this artefact will not be made public until full content analysis and adjustment is complete, and a final version is approved by the Censorship Secretariat.

Preliminary analysis of The Notebook has been made possible by the recent deciphering of a metaphysical cloud located in Earth’s lower troposphere, in a hitherto undetected atmospheric region known as cyberspace. The cloud contains an extensive collection of historical data and documentary evidence of AD life. It is important to note that the original size and content of the cloud cannot be established, nor can we tell how much of the information was corrupted before its datalink connection was severed and abandoned…


Rachael de Moravia is a writer, journalist and university lecturer. Her journalism, essays, fiction, poetry and drama have appeared in UK and international publications. @rachael_moravia.

Image: Top SecretDennis Skley, Creative Commons.