Poem in the Shape of George Osborne — Jeroen van der Kamp

I connect the dots

like I was taught to
I match objects & shapes
with corresponding topographical
& metaphysical patterns.
I was told to do this.
For every small victory, there is a cookie.

I am cookie man
mouthpiece of tyranny
prophet of any good old cause
Shaitan’s true ally.

I shun nothing.
In the name of irony
I serve anyone and anything
cockless, and yet I fuck everyone.

I do what the chamber decrees.
It is economically sound.
Indeed, it is also necessary.

I take orders from the Ritalin man
in the blue tie. The system
requires it. You see,
the rich do not want to pay their
employees. It is bad
for business. And business
is good. I agree.
It must be so.

I do what I am told.
I connect the dots.
My fine education has brought me here.
Yeshua, do you see my tears?
Or can you read the image in the 21st century.
Are you not impressed by a PR man?

Jeroen van der Kamp – is a Dutch-Norwegian art dealer. He lives in Manchester, UK