La Loire — Benoît Chailleux

This series documents the riverside of La Loire –– Nantes was formed along this river and its port has long been the main reason for its development. The port was livened up by the loading and unloading ships and by shipyards until the 80’s. Now, boats with drafts ever deeper have to dock at St Nazaire, further downstream. Today, these places do not have the function for which they were built: they have instead become residual spaces although they are the heart of the city. My purpose in this photo essay is to reveal the atmosphere that the water gives to these linear altered territories.

01 -La Loire 02 04 -La Loire 07 -La Loire 11 -La Loire 18 -La Loire La Loire 01 La Loire 06 La Loire 08 La Loire 90 la loire 2011-02 014 La Loire 2013 01 004 La Loire 2013 02 01 -La Loire 04

car park 2010-11 03 (1024dpi)

Benoît Chailleux was born in 1973, and grew up in the suburb of Nantes, France. He is an architect and photographer.