Han Shan VA // Salad days — Dominick Parris

Han Shan VA

When the news auto plays
reminds how human we are/

how those are just different
beasts/No less the great pale

pig of land, sea and sky/
buoyed by divine exceptionalism

in the face of facts to the contrary,
click it off like flicking a fly.


Salad days

At the end of every day

I check at hope.

Were we of good use

To each other?

She’s a good ex-wife-

4A Troglodyte snow day-

Appliqué on glass-

Ascii art portraits in b/w-

Fuck you subway.

No. Sit down. Fuck you-

Vanilla numino’s-

Divine mint-

I just want to

destroy something

beautiful. Smiley

manages NASCI.

Take it and go.

Take it and go.

It was always night

so we fed on mushrooms.

Outside the hole in the wall,

at gay


snowballs may have been made.

Pre Christian


other less deliberate


Let’s talk about fuc

King, Let’s lettuce. Let’s.

Dominick J. Parris has recently had work in The Marathon Literary Review, The Mackinac, The East Jasmine Review, and Yemassee with a forthcoming poem in Similar:Peaks:: He lives with his wife and son in Aldie, VA. @jonfrum23