Last Night in the Windows of the Clouds — Dan Ivec


Last night from our window we saw it all. The last parade of the leaving birds and that one with three arms who only has himself for holding.LAST NIGHT 2


In another town up here, the clouds have already turned to rain. Brave citizens are only waiting to fall down and be on earth once more.LAST NIGHT 3


Two fallen homes were saved by invincible angels. One of these was empty and also on fire. And in the other lived a hermit who still dreamed of the mountains of his original country.LAST NIGHT 4


When we had all rained down and were gone forever, the birds sat in little wooden chairs. They gossiped about their suddenly ancient friends and enemies.LAST NIGHT 5


One bird was gentle and realistic. He spoke in my ear and told me, ‘This way to the best cloud for crashing through.’LAST NIGHT 6


Other houses drifted down to the other clouds of the sky. They were somehow saved from sudden death by the strong hands of those clouds who caught them. They then grew forever, next door to the trees of the other birds. This could really be a romantic rumor or even a lie.LAST NIGHT 7


The surviving houses became a burden to the mountains they had once abandoned. They smoked cigarettes and spat everywhere. Having survived such a fright, they felt that anything would be permitted.

Dan Ivec: writer. He was born on June 8, 1986 in Mayfield Heights, OH. He has lived in Chicago, Illinois and currently lives in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. In Chicago, he lived in Rogers Park and other neighbourhoods too. @DaniilIvec.