Sailing towards the future: On Ten Years at Minor Literature[s]

In ten years I’ve never written an editorial in the first person — this is my first and last one. The time has arrived for me to step aside and let Minor Literature[s] continue without me. I do it knowing it’ll be in good hands. 

I started to toy with the idea of a magazine called Minor Literature[s] around May 2013. It became evident to me back then that there was a need for a venue that focused on writing in English as a second language, since texts of this kind demand a particular editorial sensibility. I got some friends involved — one should always get friends involved in whatever one does — and by July we were up and running, waiting for submissions. The magazine grew quickly and expanded into other areas beyond its initial linguistic singularity. I’m proud of all we’ve done in ten years — I’m especially proud of all the people we published for the first time. The scene is other today, ten years later, and more open to difference, but there’s still a need for outlets that do things outside of the logic of the industry and the market, lest literature be reduced to a corporate exercise that as a default thrives on mediocrity. 

I want to thank those who were there from the very beginning: Kevin Mullen, Yvette Greslé, Yanina Spizzirri — thanks for being accomplices from day one. Also those who joined later and were pivotal for the magazine’s evolution: Kit Caless, Martin Dean, Eli Lee, Thom Cuell, Daniela Cascella, Tomoé Hill. And those who are editing the mag now: Tobias Ryan, Lara Alonso Corona, Frank Garrett. A toast to our contributing editors Cal Revely-Calder, Christina Tudor-Sideri, Nina Živančević, C.C. O’Hanlon, Harry Gallon and Silvia Rothlisberger. Needless to say, Minor Literature[s] wouldn’t be what it is without all the authors who have contributed their work: I’m eternally grateful to you and your trust. And to our readers: I hope you keep returning, for many years to come. 

Yanina and Tobias will lead the magazine when I step down in July — I like round numbers and I’d regret it if I were to leave before the mag’s ten year anniversary. I wish I could say I’m leaving because ten years is enough and I’m generous enough to pass the baton to someone else. The truth is that my decision is quite selfish: I’ve been made a job offer I can’t refuse. I’ll be taking a role as cruise host on the MV Britannia; she sails in the Caribbean, departing from Bridgetown in Barbados, several times a year — Tortola, La Romana, St Maarten, Antigua, Basseterre, Fort-de-France, Castries, are the ports that will soon be welcoming me. This is an opportunity that won’t present itself again. And this is certainly the closest I’ll ever get to being Ricardo Montalbán in Fantasy Island. I trust my travelogs will find a home in Minor Literature[s] in the future.. 

Now, without further ado, and before I get emotional, I’ll leave you to the future of Minor Literature[s].



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