The Quarantine Hotline #12 — John Trefry

An interview series in which we beat the lockdown blues reaching out to friends for a nice and informal telephone chat. In our twelfth episode, Fernando Sdrigotti talks to John Tretry, writer and editor of Inside the Castle, an indie press based in Lawrence, Kansas, USA.

Some of the topics discussed: the work of Inside the Castle, avoiding easy labels when discussing challenging literature, the cliché of the writer suffering with the chore of writing, books as texts, the influence of architecture in John’s writing, Crocs (yeah, Crocs, sorry), et cetera.

John Trefry is an architect and the author of the books Plats, Thy Decay Thou Seest By Thy Desire, and Apparitions of the Living. Current works-in-progress: Massive (a novel) & Inanimism (a nonfiction poem). More diminutive writings have appeared in various other outlets. He lives in Lawrence, Kansas, and on Twitter @trefryesque.

Fernando Sdrigotti is one of the members of the Minor Literature[s] cargo cult. His latest book is JOLTS. Twitter: @f_sd

Music: dronephonia, Audiodélica, Creative Commons.