Minor Literature[s] is an independent magazine financed solely by the editors. Most of our investment is time-related and so far we have managed to keep the cost of running the mag under US$500 per year. These costs include a .com address, domain mapping at WordPress, our online submission system (fundamental in order to keep track of the huge amount of subs we receive), among other things.

As the magazine grows and so does the size of our website our expenses will increase. We will soon be needing more storage space, an automated back-up plan, and ideally we would be looking at removing the ads at the bottom of the page (these come with the free WordPress plan).

In order to keep the magazine independent we have so far avoided crowdsourcing money, seeking for patrons or advertisers or applying to government funds. We are, on the other hand, open to donations.

If you would like to contribute to the magazine, with any sum, you can donate to our PayPal email,

Many thanks from the editors!

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